Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Well, I am waiting for my friends to arrive 'cause we're going to have lunch together and so... I thought - "Susana, you could check your blog and see if there are any new messages!" So, now, I am really sad because only António paid me a visit, snif snif ;)

Looking forward to seeing everyone later today! (Hi, Sandra, Ana and Isabel! - the four of us have soooo much fun, don't we, girls? =D )

PS - António, thanks for the compliment ;) (I bet you say that to everyone, haha!)


  1. Susana,I am in a state of pure shock. Have I just read that you went out with your friends? Who Am I after all? I think our friendship is at risk, to say the least!!!

  2. Forget our trip to London! It is off!!!
    I`ll go with my friends as well!!!