Thursday, July 16, 2009

Now, miss Sandra!

Now, young lady... who went to the shopping centre with Gaby yesterday, hmmm???? Who did NOT invite me? I am HAPPY I have my friends Ana and Isabel to give me some strength and courage to face this backstabbing... *cry*


  1. Dearest, if you were a true friend you would have already invited me into your blog, which let me remind you, hasn`t happened YET!!! I`m still waiting and then we`ll go out for a coffee!

  2. Susana, what can I say?
    Those oral examinations left me brainless, after having listened to so much crap. So my sweet friend, coffee tomorrow?

  3. Susana,as best friends we are, I feel it is my mission in life to cheer you up. So let`s start planning our afternoon with tea and scones with our new members of "Best friends club". Ana and Isabel. Start thinking about the day and the time to invite our new friends. I`m sure we`ll have a blast the four of us.I`m already guessing the comments...